Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Japanese Alphabet

Kinds of Japanese characters

If you want to learn the Japanese language course there are some things you should learn. one of them is by studying the letters have the Japanese. Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and romaji is the official letter that is in use by the entire population of the country. you know that in antiquity japan society can only communicate through oral (speaking) but not for writing. because, in the days of old they did not recognize the letters to communicate. so actually they only communicate through verbal because it is easy for the memorized and can directly in practice. I also did not know in detail, because a few days ago when I tried searching for latest info about the state of Japan and I found an article reviewing the history of their letters. Is This not very impressive?!.

This letter is used in antiquity by the women. because it can be called "Onna de" but as times changed gradually, by itself the men began to use it until now.
Hiragana letters also have several functions including:

  • used to write the adjective (adj), noun, and adverb.
  • write anime or manga (Japanese comics) for children's literature.
  • write the words that had long since left unused and unknown kanji.
  • Furigana writing (letter or additional markers) and okurigana (word endings).

Disposable writing letters in the words of absorption. which means writing foreign words (not Japanese) that have been absorbed by Japanese society in general. can also be used for Japanese language itself or the nature of writing onamatope to assert his own words.

Is the letter in Japan that can say to some syllables (not only), formerly the letter was brought by monks from China (mainland China) that are spread Buddhist teachings to Japan. kanji can be said as a symbol of an idea or concept. Hiragana previously only used as okurigana (letters at the end of the sentence). thus many similarities between china and japan kanji, because kanji can be used to write almost all of China, made of Japanese language or China languages.

Spelling of (rome) the Latin letter (a, b, c, d.. Until z), and had absorbed the Japanese society because for nearly the entire population in the world also use it.

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